This Is Who We Are

We are a Digital Creative Agency focused on Brand Strategy and Digital Presence Management.

Our Brand

Our Brand centers itself around the idea of Sharing Experiences and Opportunities that we come across.


NyayoZangu is Swahili for ‘My Footprints’. In our journey we leave footprints for others to Find, Follow and Learn From.

Motion and Direction

Footprints can only be left after one moves. Our footprints have a clear Direction. We Are Moving Forward!

Sharing Ownership

The ‘My’ implies ownership for anyone in the Family circles. It's about our journey together, hence the Circle.

Sharing Experiences And Opportunities

We believe in the power of a network. Wise men have said that the power of a network is an exponent of its constituents. At the core of any healthy network is a shared willingness to share.

Our Family

This is our family


Product Management


Graphics Design


Ui/Ux Design


Software Development


Motion Graphics



Our Friends

We value our friendships

Mwanza University

Education, Higher Learning

Ecowater International

Water, IoT

Mwanza Hospital

Health, Medical

RockCity Mall

Real Estate

Mwanza Christian College

Education, Religious


NGO, Women Empowerment

Isamilo Lodge



Food, Delivery, Tech

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