Branding, Web Design & Development and Social Media


MadukaYetu mainly focused on helping small businesses get online. This meant that the branding had to be approachable, friendly, and local. We decided to go with a simple illustration of your average store, engulfed within a circle to symbolize how these small businesses are part of the community. The Color choice had to be eye-catching, and memorable.

Social Media

When approaching MadukaYetu's social media presence, we put two main groups in mind, the businesses, and the buyers. We then focused on communicating the value of MadukaYetu to these core groups, while establishing MadukaYetu as an industry expert in small business solutions.


At its core, MadukaYetu is a tech product. The website had to then follow the modern trend of the typical tech startup website. This meant the website had to be simple, and clean and put all the necessary information front and center.